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Terms of Use and Privacy Notice

The purpose of this online community is to provide a positive, vital forum for communication among Excelsior College alumni.  Through participation in the Alumni Directory, you may send and receive communications from fellow graduates.  By using this site, you agree that you have read and will abide by the Excelsior College Electronic Use Policy and Guidelines for Online Interaction as they may be revised from time to time. Excelsior reserves the right to remove any comments, pictures, or other communications deemed inappropriate or offensive, and may discontinue access to the site at its sole discretion.  You can determine what information you want to share with the alumni community, and decide what kind of communications you want to receive through the Email and Directory Preferences section of My Home Page.  Additionally, you may opt-out of receiving communications from the Office of Alumni Affairs and/or elect to have your information removed from the site at any time.  For more information on privacy protection, please refer to the Excelsior College Privacy Notice