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Application for Alumni Awards



Alumni Award Application

Deadline for Applications: January 31
Please read below for important information.

Applicants selected by the awards committee will be notified by April 15.

Applicants Must Meet the Following Conditions:
•Must be available to attend the Awards Convocation and Commencement in Albany, NY to receive the award*
•Must consent to a background check
•Cannot be a current member of the faculty or staff
•Cannot be a member of the current graduating class (preferably, the applicant earned an Excelsior, Regents, or USNY degree at least three years prior)
•Cannot be a previous Excelsior (or Regents or USNY) award winner of any type
•Must be available for publicity events, articles, and similar activities

Awards for Which You May Self-Nominate

Alumni Achievement Award
Recognizes outstanding academic, professional, personal, and community contributions that are representative of our graduates. Presented to a graduate whose achievements may serve as a role model to inspire other graduates and students.

Carrie B. Lenburg Award
Presented to an outstanding nursing graduate in recognition of the accomplishments and vision of Dr. Carrie Lenburg, coordinator of the Regents College Nursing Program from 1973 to 1990. It commemorates her commitment to helping nurses attain their educational and professional goals. This award is presented to a nurse who demonstrates a commitment to nursing education as well as academic and professional accomplishments in the field of nursing.

C. Wayne Williams Award
Named after the College's first president, this award is presented in recognition of outstanding public service and community involvement by a graduate. 

* The awards convocation and commencement will take place July 11-12, 2019 in Albany, NY. A $300 travel stipend and a one-night hotel stay will be provided by the College to each award receipient.
** Incomplete applications will not be considered.
*** If an applicant applies for multiple awards (or an award and a seat on the ALC), selection for one will automatically disqualify the applicant from being considered for the others.